Live Creative Poetry

Pulling the door closed on life
I barely move
Not breathing.

Closing the door on a tiny life
Where I had stayed in the past.
This time daring something bigger
I had grown
Had become something a little bigger than
someone who crashed.

In a moment of bravado
Wanting to stay beautiful
Leaving behind who I used to be
I stood there, remembering
Who I am now
What I deserve

And I closed the door
On all of the voices
On all the demands to stay small.

My “Live Creative Poetry” series is inspired by the teachings of Christine Kane; singer, songwriter and "Mentor to Women Who are Changing the World".  During the winter of 2011, I was an active participant in Christine's seven week "UpLevel Your Life" mentoring program and although never before writing poetry or even having a huge interest in it, I began to see poetry in her daily teachings. 

Each day for 49 days, I wrote a poem using Christine’s teachings as my source.  Visit my website at to read my poetry and enjoy my colorful illustrations.

I believe in the powerful energy contained in each of these writings and hope you enjoy reading them.  For information on Christine and her powerful "UpLevel Your Life" programs go to

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